Log #3: New People, Events, and Storefronts!

Well hey, I didn’t see you there.
It’s been a few days since we last talked, hasn’t it?

Yikes. I used to always think that “wow, how could an indie development company not post updates, it only takes a few hours to write one, pffffttt”. Well, here I am, 23 days after my last development log. With polishing the event submissions demo, bringing on a new member of the team, searching for yet another new member for the team, setting up storefronts, and other miscellaneous tasks, it’s definitely been a busy 23 days.

Let’s start off with the... NEW GAMEPLAY DEMO VIDEO.

Now that that's out of the way, lets discuss the new member of the team. You may have seen @Malfabone1 chilling with that blue “Developer” role, that would be Gilberto. Gilberto specializes in UI and UX and will be helping with creating screenshots, art for social media posts and accounts, website design, store page design, etc. He’ll make sure that we put our best artistic foot forward to the public. Welcome, Gilberto, to Slip ‘n Slime, glad to have you here.

Continuing on with that statement about new people. We’ve recently been on the search for someone to basically be a generalist helper for tasks such as running play-tests, managing social media, doing market research, and all the other managerial tasks that are taking my time away from getting to code the game. We’ve talked to a few people so far, so expect a new person in the coming weeks… maybe?

EVENTS!! Let’s talk about ‘em. Slip ‘n Slime will be showcasing at the Sacramento Gamer's Expo (in Sacramento, California... ) on December 8th, 2019. If you’re in the area, we’d absolutely love to see you! We’ll have a double-wide booth space with two full-size arcade cabinets running our demo. We’ve also recently been submitting to events such as PAXSouth (with showcases like IndieMegabooth), Day of the Devs in San Francisco, and a few others scattered around the area. We’re extremely excited to have gotten confirmation that we’ll be attending Sacramento Gamer's Expo though, as it’ll be our first real game exhibition event. Woohoo!

Moving on, you may remember when I posted screenshots showing the Steam Overlay running on Slip ‘n Slime. That was because we had initiated the setup process for getting the game on Steam. It’s a *very* lengthy process to set up a store page, and an even more lengthy process to get all of Steam’s valuable features (achievements, trading cards, DRM, WORKSHOP, etc.) working cleanly within Slip ‘n Slime. Aside from that, we’ve also begun the process (and are now nearing completion of) getting a verified Discord server. This will allow us to use roles on discord to create and distribute beta keys so that you can download the Slip ‘n slime alphas/betas from right within Discord, where you’ll also be able to provide feedback. Discord’s storefront is pretty cool, take a look!

It’s a work in progress, but it’s always surreal to see the game in some sort of “official” place, whether it be Steam, Discord, at an event, on a website, or somewhere else, it’s always a good feeling.

Thanks for following up with us, hope to see you back in an undisclosed amount of time for the next Slip ‘n Slime Development Log!

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